Citation of Speech Prosody papers is very slightly non-standard, in that, during publication, each paper has been treated as if it were a separate volume. Thus, for example,

If the journal to which you are submitting supports URLs, you may cite the internet dissemination page, e.g.,

Presentation Formatting

Poster boards at Speech Prosody 2010 will be 120cm (48in) wide, 90cm (36in) high, slightly larger than ISO-216 Landscape A0 format.

Oral presentations may be presented on your laptop or ours. Presenters should arrive at the session ten minutes prior to session start time, in order to check presentation clarity.

Manuscript Formatting

In order to be published in the proceedings, manuscripts must be submitted in PDF format matching the ISCA/INTERSPEECH conference publication standards. Manuscripts failing to meet ISCA standards will not be included in the conference CDROM.

Speech Prosody 2010 Review Summary

Review for Speech Prosody 2010 is now complete. Review criteria for each class of paper were as follows:

Review Criteria

Manuscripts were reviewed on the basis of: