Speech Prosody 2010 Call for Papers

Speech Prosody 2010, the fifth international conference on speech prosody, invites papers addressing any aspect of the science and technology of prosody. Speech Prosody, the biennial meeting of the Speech Prosody Special Interest Group (SProSIG) of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), is the only recurring international conference focused on prosody as an organizing principle for the social, psychological, linguistic, and technological aspects of spoken language. Past conferences in Aix-en-Provence, Nara, Dresden, and Campinas have each attracted 300-400 delegates, including experts in the fields of Linguistics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Speech and Hearing Science, Psychology, and related disciplines.

Important Deadlines

Review Areas

  1. Prosody of under-resourced languages and dialects
  2. Communicative situation and speaking style
  3. Dynamics of prosody: structures that adapt to new situations
  4. Phonology and phonetics of prosody
  5. Rhythm and duration
  6. Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics
  7. Meta-linguistic and para-linguistic communication
  8. Signal processing
  9. Automatic speech synthesis, recognition and understanding
  10. Prosody of sign language
  11. Prosody in face-to-face interaction: audiovisual modeling and analysis
  12. Prosodic aspects of speech and language pathology
  13. Prosody in language contact and second language acquisition
  14. Psycholinguistic, cognitive, and neural correlates of prosody
  15. Prosody in computational linguistics
  16. Voice quality, phonation, and vocal dynamics