Speech Prosody Conference, May 2014, in Dublin


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Instructions for Presenters:

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Plan to arrive in the room at least 5-10 minutes before the beginning of the session. Check in with the session chair who will be near the podium. Let the chair know the correct pronunciation of your name to be used in the initial announcement Oral presentation slots will be strictly limited to 20 minutes.
You should aim for a presentation lasting no longer than 15 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions and change of speakers. Oral papers must be presented by using our pre-installed computer at the conference site. Both Mac and PC are available. Make sure to upload your presentation before the session. The upload should be done one day before your presentation or no later than 2 sessions before yours. Contact any member of the conference staff in case you need help to upload your presentation. Before the beginning of your session, test and confirm to the chair that your presentation is properly rendered on the screen. For presenters of oral sessions in the morning, we recommend you to test your presentation one day before your session with our student assistants.

Presentation requirements:
Extra media files (video / images) must be stored in the same presentation folder. Non-standard fonts must be included in the presentation file. All materials should be copied to the official computer well before the beginning of the session.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

Plan to be at your poster at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. Odd-number posters (1,3,5,etc) should be attended full-time during the first hour, and even-number posters (2,4,6,etc) attended during the second hour of the session to allow all participants to visit all posters.
Each poster is presented on 1 side of a 100 centimeter wide and 250 centimeter high poster board. A standard A0-sized poster (84x119 cm. or 33x47 inches) will fit on the poster board in PORTRAIT format. Materials to affix posters to poster boards will be provided in the poster sessions. Posters can be displayed for the entire day of your presentations, e.g., from 8:30-18:30. However, posters on Day One (Tuesday 20th) should be put up as soon as possible after arrival of the presenter.

The registration desk will be open during the conference.
Contact any member of the conference staff in case you need help.
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us

See you at Speech Prosody!
Nick Campbell, Dafydd Gibbon, and Daniel Hirst

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